Monday, July 26, 2010

Prayer Request from Gospel Light

This prayer request is copied from an email I recieved from my dear friend at Gospel Light: Please Pray for this child....

One last thing, I’d like to send you a prayer request. One of our authors, Britt Merrick, has a little six year old daughter, Daisy, who’s going through chemo right now in an effort to rid her of a huge tumor in her abdomen. This is her second time around going through chemo. After having undergone surgery and chemo the first time, the tumor just recently came back, growing to the size of a grapefruit within a span of just a few months. They’ve been given a report that her chances of making it through are 30-50%. All of our hearts here at Gospel Light are going out to their family. I know that little Daisy and the Merrick family can use ALL the prayer they can get. Here’s a link to a blog that they keep updated with Daisy’s day to day condition:

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Anna's Song

Sometimes the sweetest worship comes from our children. In their innocence they are uninhibited by legalism, peer pressure, or religious standards. They simply look at God for who He says He is and accepts that as the truth of the matter. They do not question His greatness, His power, His authority, His workmanship. To them He is the I AM! They do not wonder how He came to be, or why He is - they just accept that HE IS! They do not look around to see who is watching, they do not wonder what others may think, they do not hold back - - they come boldly. The trust completely, and find complete joy in His presence, unchecked communion with God himself. And I believe He delights in them. O, that for a moment we could go back - or better yet move forward - past the legalism, the standards the religion that binds us, past our perception of what others might think, back to the basics of unrestrained, pure worship before the Lord.

Anna sang this song around our home for weeks in May 2005 (she would have been 4 years old at the time). She called it Up to God. Finally one day I wrote the words down in my bible:

God's looking down at me
I Sing praises up to God
God is my heart song, is in my soul
God sent his son,
He died on the cross
So I sing praises up to God
If you look up to God
You can sing praises
Whatever song he puts in your heart
I sing praises up to God
I sing praises in my heart
I sing praises up to God!

Never the Less

While working on the devotional "One Desperate Hour" and praying over that verse another truth stopped me in my tracks: just one long word tucked into the middle of that verse: the word "nevertheless"

You see the first part of that prayer was Jesus realizing the weakness of his flesh, crying out in his most desperate hour to a Holy Father to strengthen this weak, wounded flesh of humanity.

Then it changes "nevertheless"....the pivotal words. The words that are followed by an absolute surrender, an absolute acknowledgment of who God is, a time of allowing His will to consume and control the situation and the outlook.

However in those words are a mountain of truth. Something caused Jesus to see the outcome, the fruit was worth the journey. The blessing out-weighed the suffering. The beauty would be worth the betrayals, beating, blood, and brokenness. The benefits out numbered the cost.

I am the Never the Less! I am the one Jesus saw in that instant and so are you. He saw us each as we are before we are formed in our mother's wombs. He saw us each as we are in our suffering of sin. He saw us each as we are in Him, made righteousness and beautiful because of the offering of His life for our atonement, our redemption.

I am Never the Less because Jesus went to the cross, because he surrendered to God's will...because he chose to stay in this flesh to become a sinless offering for all humanity. I am Never the Less but always the more.

Never the Less: always the victor, always the head, always with hope, always redeemed, always set free, always counted precious and set apart, always known by name, always remembered, always held in His hand....never to be Less again!

I am Never the Less because I know the I AM!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

One Desperate Hour

He knelt in prayer, The Lamb of God, The Truth, The Alpha and Omega, The Son of God. He knelt in prayer, broken hearted, poured out, in agony, crying out to God the Father. In agony of soul, in war against this weak flesh of humanity. Jesus knelt in prayer before the Father with full knowledge of what was to come. Jesus knelt in prayer looking into the heaven he left - the perfect union of fellowship with God the Father. He had already given up a throne to walk in the weak, wounded, sinful flesh, stained from the fall. He'd felt the attacks of Satan's lies. He'd felt the heartbreak of the loss of loved ones and wept. He'd felt the sting of rejection of friends and family of his hometown. He'd seen the disappointment in the eyes of those who did not get the answers that they wanted from him. He would soon be betrayed by one of his twelve, someone he had invested time and love in, someone he'd shared fellowship with, dined with and taught the truth of God to. He would be denied by one of his closest friends. He would be left alone to face arrest by those he trusted most. He would be thrown into a filthy prison with the vilest offenders and those without conscience. He would be beaten beyond recognition. He would take lashes one short of the death blow that would leave his back open and raw. He would be cursed, forsaken, spit upon, and condemned by the very ones he came to save. He would suffer humiliation and be nailed to a cross for all to see. He would suffer the a moment of broken fellowship with God the Father as he took on the sins of all humanity.

In this - his most desperate hour - his flesh cried out "IT IS TO MUCH!", his flesh cried out "Leave them be, walk away....."

Jesus knew this human frame, this flesh, this free will was weak, wounded from the fall of Adam and could not stand alone.

In this - most desperate hour - Jesus cried out "Father, if is Your will, let this cup pass from me;
nevertheless not My will, but Yours be done" (Luke 22:42)

In this most desperate hour Jesus understood His flesh, and His fleshly free-will needed to be surrendered to God (it needed to be nailed to cross before he could be nailed to the cross). And at the moment of surrender the scripture says that an angel was sent to strengthen Jesus.

Surrender to God = Strengthened by His Hand!

In our most desperate hour, our hour of anguish, when no answers seem to fit we must surrender it ALL to the Lord. We must ask HIS will to be done. We must step back. In that most desperate hour God will answer and He will supply the strength we need for the hour.

Surrender to God and be strenghtened by His hand....let His will be worked out and he will hold you through the fire...Let His will be manifest in your life and He will bless you...Let His will consume you and he will make something more beautiful.

Christ still had the cross to face after that prayer but his focus changed. In Luke you will see that after being strengthened that Jesus returned to a more earnest prayer. In John we are given a more in depth description of this prayer. Jesus' focus was not on the desperate hour - the anguish of the moment - the thing that seemed impossible. That all remained the same. His focus was turned on those he loved, the reason for the mission.

Our circumstance may not change, the thing that brought us to our most desperate hour of prayer may not be immediately removed, but how we see it will change and our attitude about it will change. We can have faith that in our most desperate hour because we have surrendered to HIS WILL all things will work together for good and we will have peace to walk in the valley of desperation because of who walks beside us - because of who bears us up - because of who carries and comforts us.

In our most desperate hour He has promised not to leave us.

In your most desperate hour surrender to God, fall headlong into His arms and allow Him to work in you and through you. Experience victory!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Book Review of "God Knows My Name!"

I would highly recommend this book to anyone! Beth Redman, author, truly communicates the heart of God. Beth shares her journey's with us, and the freedom, healing, and relief that come over our hearts as we hear again how much God loves us and embraces us in spite of our choices or past. His plan of hope for us is sure! (Jeremiah 29:11)
The Chapters, "God Knows My Name", "God Knows My Past", "God Shapes My Character", "God Sees My Choices", "God Has Not Forgotten Me", "God is My Helper", "God is My Defender" and "God is My Restorer" all link together and complete the book so well. I look back on situations in my past and see how God worked them out, He was and is my Helper, Defender, Restorer! He saw choices I made, but most of all, He knows my name!! He knew me in my mother's womb!! He has shaped my character through many trials and difficulties, refined me, and is still refining me more each day! He has not forgotten me for a minute, but, Praise the Lord, He has forgiven me!!
Through out your life many "curveballs" may be thrown your way. The circumstances may make it appear as though God as forgotten you, but always remember He sees you, hears you, has compassion for you, and always burns with love for you. He is faithful. Trust in Him through whatever life throws at you, honor Him by believing that He is good and He could never forget you! Isn't it wonderful to know that your name is engraved on the palm of His hand. You are His. Never forgotten, forever loved.
Life is hard, but God is so.......................Good!!!
This book is definitely an encouragement and worth reading!

"Praise the Lord, all you nations; extol him, all you peoples.
For great is his love toward us, and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever." Ps. 117

"My Summertime Experiences!!!"

I can hardly believe this summer is half over! It has been great, tho! My husband & I had a new metal roof put on our house the end of May and had all the trim on our house painted and an awning put up for my husband's truck in mid-June! We had 4 of our grandsons for a week in June and they went to V.B.S. at my mom's church. The 7 yr. old grandson made a profession of faith on that Thursday of V.B.S. Praise the Lord! We had revival at the church the last of June with Bro. Jim Moss! The Messages were very powerful and truly made you search your heart!!
July 6-9th. we had 9 kids & 4 sponsors go to church camp. My 10 yr. old grandson went with them! A Lyric he told me after he got back was"Hope in Difficulty, Faith in what you cannot see, Grace, O Lord Majesty!" Thank you Jesus, You are our Hope, Keep My Eyes firmly on you each moment thru each and every adventure with You as we walk in your Grace, O Precious Lord!
Our Ladies Sunday School class have been studying, "Becoming a Woman of Simplicity!" Lord, make us women of pure devotion! God may we enter into Your rest, and receive your peace, and be still! Even when difficulties come, may we have a deep, abiding sense that "all is well with my soul." Our next study, we start Aug. 1, will be "Living a Life of Balance' by Marilyn Meberg. This
study states that it is true enough that we need to maintain physical and mental health, but we also need spiritual balance. Only God can guide us toward the balance we desperately desire. It starts with our hearts and hopefully this study will help us get there! V.B.S. is coming in August at our church! "High Seas is the theme! Isn't is wonderful to know that in the low seas and the high seas of our lives that Jesus is Right There!!!! My grandkids will be back for a week, to go to V.B.S. What Fun!!! Awana will be starting up in Sept!!!! I have been studying on a Bible Study entitled, "Living Your Life as a Beautiful Offering" by Angela Thomas. It is a Bible study based on the Sermon on the Mount. Pray for this study and the ladies that will be attending. It will start in October at our church. Prayers for each lady and God's blessings as you seek to dance the dance of your life in His arms during this study!!! My husband & I got to spend time with our kids & grandchildren on the 4th. Swimming, good food, & fireworks! I have had a full and blessed summer!! God is my Provider, My Warrior, My Defender, and My Savior, & King!!!