Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oh, Beverly!

So many times in our lives we tend to wait or put off doing things that we know would be better for us. I woke up last Sunday morning with the right side of my face swollen and throughout the day it was swelling more! I knew immediately it was due to my teeth that I had not cared for in the last several years! Thank goodness, I got into a dentist Monday. He was very kind, caring, and took a full image of my mouth!! He started me on pencillen and gave me pain medicine, if needed. I will probably be under his care for a few months. He said next week when I go back and his hygenist evaluates me that we will have the game plan!
As I sat in the dental chair looking out a large window, I saw sparrows around their birdhouse, flying and enjoying their food and water and I was reminded of the verse in Luke 12:24, "Consider the ravens, for they neither sow nor reap; they have no storeroom nor barn, and yet God feeds them; how much more valuable you are than the birds! God cares so much for me and you!!!
Often the only way to heal is hurt. Dental procedures, in my case, sometimes doctor procedures have to be done. The corruption must be cut from the sore or no healing will occur at all. The same is true of human beings in their relationship with God. God demands purity, and all corruption will be cut away to insure wholeness. There is no place for evil in the body of Christ.
If evil is found, drastic measures will be taken, and like a cancer, it will be removed. God will act as a skillful surgeon, cutting and putting back together again. What will be left will be better than new, and the body of Christ will be healthy for all eternity. Healing can occur no other way, but the Lord will be faithful to save as much as He possibly can. Our Prayer should be "Father, cut away all that is wrong in me. Though it might hurt, I would rather be able to heal than to sit and die in my corruption.Remove evil from my heart, and heal me in your tender love. Amen.

O Father, may I search the scriptures and diligently learn more about you and testify of your great love & care for me and others! (Scripture reference to John 5:39)Your Word testifies of your great love for us!

F (antastic)
I (n)

How is your adventure with the Lord?
My adventure will include making several stops at Dr. Carmony's office over the next few months, but I thank God that he was put in my pathway!